Snoring a movie

On Dec 12, 2016

Snoring is a problem that is very hard to get rid-of. People think the only solution is too get surgery. I'm here to tell you otherwise. You won't believe me when you read this, but I'm asking you to try it out before your prejudice. The solution is to watch movies before going to bed, even if you're too tired for it. Think of it as therapy to your nose. Now a days, there's a big variety of sources for movies and the best I found is Khmer Movie. You can get in, download the software and start watching them movies for free. I recommend Khmer Movie, because if I have to watch movies every day so I don't snore, I need a massive library to keep me interested!

So how does it work? Actually I'm not sure why watching movies prevent snoring, but I have some theories. One theory is that while watching movies it relaxes the tissues in the nose and throat. Another theory is that the alpha waves emitted from the TV screen does something to the tissues. In this case, movies are not a factor, but I think its better to watch something instead of looking at a blank screen. Besides, If the first theory is right, watching a turned on TV screen is not gonna cut it. You need psychological process that is caused by watching a movie if you truly want to stop snoring.

So I developed a routine that would help me get the most of this "therapy". I eat four hours before I plan to sleep, because I want my body to be as relaxed as possible. Then I shower immediately for the same reason and then I start watching a movie two hours before sleeping (if the movie is longer then I start watching earlier of-course).